Review of Ochre Leaf

There are a lot of online tea shops, yet only a few produce the best loose leaf tea bags for quality steeping. In our search for organic tea leaves, we found one that’s a product of a five-decade legacy. Here’s our review of Ochre Leaf, including its tea collection.

Review of Ochre Leaf

Ochre Leaf is a humble start-up online shop that proudly upholds the tea traditions and principles from India, one of the best countries when it comes to cultivating quality tea leaves. Specially designed Ochre Leaf tea bags fully release the flavor and aroma comparable to traditional brewing methods.

The key in brewing good and delicious tea lies in the quality of the leaves. Ochre Leaf’s organic loose tea leaves provide a high-grade drinking experience delivered in an expandable teabag.

A Contemporary Tea Experience from a 50-Year-Old Legacy

A father’s humble beginnings as a tea company owner in Rajkot, India, set the path for Ochre Leaf. At 11 years old, Mukesh Patel discovered his love of tea by helping his father run their family-owned tea shop in India.

Mukesh became curious about the blends, opened his mind to the art of making tea, and helped pass on age-old traditions. His father envisioned opening a tea shop in the United States to honor the values and customs of India.

About 20 years after his father’s death, Mukesh launched Ochre Leaf as a start-up online tea store from Huntington Beach, California. One of the great things about Ochre Leaf is that it aims to bring a contemporary touch to the tea-drinking experience while retaining the organic nature of tea leaves.

Ochre Leaf Expertise: Loose Leaf in Teabags

It may seem counter-productive to put loose tea leaves in tea bags. After all, traditional tea bags tend to be tiny absorbent packets that contain dried or crushed leaves.

In contrast, the teabag design of Ochre Leaf allows quality steeping through the use of large sachets. In effect, the leaves are free to float around vertically and sideways.

Photo Credit: Ochre Leaf

If you’re still debating whether to use teabags vs. loose leaf, Ochre Leaf lets you experience both. The loose sachets ensure the loose tea leaves have plenty of space to expand as the extract infuses with the water.

  • Loose leaf in teabags: One of the benefits of having large teabags is that Ochre Leaf managed to put loose tea leaves inside instead of powdered, crumbled, or broken leaves. In this way, the leaves stay fresh longer and avoid getting stale quickly.
  • Full flavor development: Whether you’re looking for the best Chai tea or Earl Grey, Ochre Leaf tea bags use paper fiber to let the tea’s essence mix with the water.
  • Convenience: Teabags serve as infusers, and this convenience enables you to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea without cleaning lots of dishes. You won’t even have to use a tea strainer to remove loose leaves.

Tea Variety Collection

Ochre Leaf offers 10 premium organic teas with carefully selected pure-leaf ingredients to produce an exquisite taste.

The tin can includes large sachets of tea bags to ensure you can quickly brew a cup of tea. Every tea bag contains loose tea leaves instead of the traditional shredded and mixed leaves. As a result, you can effectively steep the leaves and extract lots of flavor and aroma.

Photo Credit: Ochre Leaf
  • Masala Chai Tea: This is the best Chai tea that offers sensory pleasure because of the peppery spices and organic black tea. It’s an excellent introductory tea for those who want to try cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla all at once. You can also add sweeteners such as milk and honey.
  • Orange Ginger Spice Tea: Are you looking for a flavorful tea that combines sweetness and a bit of spice? This tea is ideal for light lunches and desserts, whether iced or not. It combines organic black tea, orange peel, orange spice, and ginger.
  • Earl Grey: Experience English tea parties with the classic Earl Grey that’s incredibly floral and citrusy. It infuses robust black tea with bergamot oil, which serves as a superb complimentary drink for main courses and desserts.
  • Vanilla Earl Grey Tea: If the traditional Earl Grey seems too strong for you, you can try the Vanilla Earl Grey from Ochre Leaf instead. It’s still an elegant take on Earl Grey tea with a touch of vanilla to counteract the bitterness of black tea.
  • Rose Tea: This tea leaves a sweet zest in the mouth; a cup of rose tea gives a floral flavor by mixing black and green teas with natural rose flavor. This fragrant blend is perfect if you’re looking for a savory drink to pair with sweets and light pastry.
  • Breakfast Tea: The Breakfast Tea also uses full-bodied black tea, with rich malty undertones and mildly sweet notes. The invigorating combination is perfect if you’re looking for something to perk up mornings and launch you to a day of work or school.
  • Darjeeling First Flush Tea: Cultivated in the Darjeeling region of India, this organic black tea produces a distinctive and delicate floral aroma. Also known as the ‘champagne of teas’, this tea only uses First Flush leaves, which creates a crispier and lighter flavor than leaves from second harvests.
  • Green Tea: A fresh brew of green tea may taste bland to some people, yet it’s supposed to be nutty and herbaceous. Every sip from Ochre Leaf’s green tea gives an earthy and satisfying bittersweet flavor.
  • Jasmine Green Tea: The organic Jasmine Green tea creates a delicate flavor profile with hints of florals. It mixes green tea leaves with mellow earthy notes and Jasmine blossoms, perfect if you’re looking for an invigorating and refreshing drink.
  • Moroccan Mint Green Tea: If you’re looking for a new tea experience, this strong tea with mint notes creates an overwhelming sweet flavor for the Moroccan Mint Green tea. This is suitable as a post-meal drink or a satisfying treat between meals.


Innovative teabags are a great option when you want a convenient brewing experience while still getting the full flavor and aroma of high quality tea leaves. Ochre Leaf offers a vast selection of tea leaves, organically produced that provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

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