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Loose Leaf Tea Essentials – A “Getting Started” Guide

In today’s fast paced environment and with ever evolving technologies and products, some may fear that traditions risk being cast aside in favor of the new and up-and coming.

Fortunately, this is not the case in the world of tea — with more independent tea shops and vendors creating new and inventive ways to market tea, and a growing amount of options to loose leaf tea and tea equipment. What is, and was, an ancient tea tradition is fast becoming popular today.

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Where Did Tea Originate From?

While there are many legendary tales, historical accounts point to tea being first discovered in China, in 2737 BC, when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung whilst holding boiled drinking water noticed some leaves from the tree next to him falling into his cup and creating a change in color. He then sipped from it, smiled, and thus tea was created.

The use and art of tea have been depicted in many paintings throughout history as well, circling across the globe from China, to Japan and Europe. It was indeed the Japanese monks, who after witnessing the tea practices from China brought tea seeds into Japan and soon created intricate tea ceremonies (the matcha ceremony being just one example).

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Best Places to Find Loose Leaf Tea Online

Not sure what tea brand to try? Having a hard time checking where to buy quality loose tea leaves? Worry not! We’re sharing our top online sources of the best loose leaf teas online. 

Material Matcha Uji 

Material Matcha Uji is the ultimate source of all your matcha tea needs. It offers matcha packs, matcha starter kits, and tea brewing accessories. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned tea drinker, you can enjoy tasting the store’s 24 tea varieties. 

Furthermore, Material Matcha Uji works with farmers in practicing ancient roasting methods to keep the purity and quality of leaves. As a result, it can provide the rarest of teas. They don’t even produce some variations, like the loose green tea grade, for more than 100 kilograms a year. 

Art of Tea 

The Art of Tea is widely known for its selection of high-quality tea leaves at affordable prices. Hence, you can try inexpensive sample packs and still taste diverse, yet exquisite loose tea leaves that Art of Tea sources from different countries. 

The shop features organic and Kosher-certified teas, as well as customized tea blends for its Private Label program. The Art of Tea also hosts a tea club wherein you can choose a subscription to try the classic teas, single-origin tea from China and India, or explore a variety of blends. 


Teabloom develops its blends to promote therapeutic benefits for the mind, body, and soul. It works with artisans to hand-sew edible dried flowers and high-quality tea leaves. As you brew the leaves, you get an exotic floral taste and aroma, along with healthy antioxidants. 

Besides exquisite flowering teas, Teabloom also provides basic yet stylish tea wares to combine function and aesthetics. Each time you prepare a tea, the whole package aims to prepare you for the day, uplift your mood, and help you relax. 

What You Need To Know When Just Starting Down the Tea Path

The good news is you don’t need a lot to start. A minimal cost upfront far outweighs the joy you’ll experience when brewing your own loose leaf teas. And, in today’s fast paced society we can all benefit from taking a moment to get back to basics and carving out some time for ourselves as well as connection with loved ones through good tea.

Most importantly, instead of reaching for that general tea bag brand – the satisfaction of cutting out the middle man (or is that the tea bag?) and concentrating directly on the actual tea leafs, the tea is (literally) out of the bag and has many health benefits as well as being a budget friendly indulgence and something to enjoy and share with others.

And if you need a little more encouragement to get started, check out our guide below:

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