Culinary vs Ceremonial Matcha

A cup of matcha green tea beside a whisk and a scoop of matcha powder

Have you tried eating a bitter matcha cake or drinking a slightly sweet matcha tea? It’s possible that you have encountered the two main types of matcha. In understanding and the differences between culinary vs ceremonial matcha, we need to consider both their similarities and major distinctions. Culinary vs Ceremonial Matcha: General Overview Culinary vs … Read more Culinary vs Ceremonial Matcha

Welcome Angela Renals – TeaMinded Contributor

angela renals teaminded

We’re thrilled to welcome Angela as our newest TeaMinded Contributor. Angela is the founder of Destination Tea, the industry’s leading resource and directory for afternoon tea venues across the US. As a tea writer, speaker and educator, Angela brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her audiences, with a focus on such topics as … Read more Welcome Angela Renals – TeaMinded Contributor