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Drinking tea is a wonderful pastime, but there’s so much more to the tea experience that can be explored. What we do at TeaMinded is pass along our knowledge of different types of tea and how to make tea, review teaware that makes brewing tea easy, and provide as much information as possible to help you along in your tea journey.

“A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.”

Mary Lou Heiss

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    What is builders tea?

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    how long does matcha tea powder last

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  • Teatime Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

    Given that afternoon tea is a 180-year-old tradition, its rules of etiquette are rooted in history and polite society manners. Below is our guide for today’s afternoon tea host and guest, with 7 simple teatime etiquette suggestions for each, to ensure a smooth, gentile afternoon tea experience for all. 7 Tea Etiquette Tips for Hosts … Read more

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    Tea served in Chinese restaurants

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  • Is Matcha Healthier Hot or Cold?

    Should Matcha be brewed hot or cold?

    Matcha tea is a green tea known for its abundance of health benefits that come from the plant leaves during the steeping process, making it healthier for you when mixing it in hot water. Perhaps you’re wondering if matcha is healthier served hot or cold? Although more flavor and components are released into your drink when … Read more

Learn More About the Different Types of Tea

Great Tea TeaMinded

Loose Leaf Bookends”

There are so many beverages that we consume on a daily basis. And there many reasons why tea should be a part of your daily ritual, and in many cases can even be healthy alternative to coffee or sugary drinks. See this essay “Loose Leaf Bookends,” which first appeared in Kinfolk Magazine, by our founder Scott Anderson, which offers a glimpse into tea as a daily ritual.

Why Drink Tea?

Reaching back to the early Chinese emperors, the tea ceremony is a lasting reminder that the most simple things in life can be performed with respect. When every step in the tea making process is given meaning through ritual, internal thoughts can become simple background noise instead of distractions.

The act of making tea, from using loose leaf green tea or a bag of sleepy chamomile tea, involves multiple steps that eventually become meditative and help calm our minds and bodies.

Making tea does not have to be a complicated endeavor, but the right tools can make a difference in your enjoyment of the process and also the quality of the end product. We can show you how to make tea in different styles and with different teaware.

The most important part of tea other than the leaves will always be the tea kettle, so make sure to read our guide on which tea kettle to buy.

If you want to use the Eastern style gong fu method of tea brewing with a gaiwan or yixing teapot, we can help with the right teaware to purchase, as well as steeping times and ratios of tea leaves to water.

If a filtered Western style tea is more your style, we have recommendations on tea infusers, teapots with filters, and other ways of infusing to keep the tea leaves from ending up in your cup.

Whether it’s the meditative process of making tea or the pure enjoyment gained by lifting a cup of warm deliciousness to your mouth, most of us can agree that tea has a positive effect on our lives. Join us in our enjoyment of all things related to tea.