A Guide to the Best Electric Teapots and Kettles


When it comes to brewing your favorite tea, half of the battle lies in finding the best electric tea kettle or teapot. As all tea lovers are aware, the secret to having that perfect cup of tea is to know the right method of brewing, and that requires the right equipment. A very important part is played by such things as: water temperature, steeping time, the equipment, quality of the loose tea leaves and the quality of the water.

In order to brew tea the traditional way (or, as some may argue, the “right” way) it’s important to pay attention to temperature. It’s vital that you don’t exceed the specific temperature for the particular tea you are brewing. Every loose leaf tea has its own perfect brewing temperature that allows the leaves to release the unique flavor and aroma. It’s because of this reason why it’s important to have the right appliance/equipment for brewing tea. This is where the best Electric Teapots and Tea Kettles come in.

Reviews of Five Best Tea Kettles

1. Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle

The best part about the Breville kettle is that it is constructed with stainless steel with a cordless design. It has a removable pot that makes it easy to pour hot water while the complete steel construction makes it safer. On both sides of the kettle, there is a clear indicator of the water levels.

Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle

The most important feature of the Breville kettle is its adjustable temperature settings. It comes with five different temperature settings that are perfect for brewing different teas: Green, White, Oolong, French Press and Black Teas. The temperatures can be maintained for up to 20 minutes but it does consume more energy that way. The best tea is made with freshly boiled water rather than water that is held at temperature.

According to the customers who have bought this kettle, they have given it mostly positive reviews as they love the aesthetics, the stainless sleek look and the huge 1.8-liter capacity. Its buttons also light up when pressed for easier operation.

2. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfectTemp 1.7 Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

The 1.7-liter capacity makes the Cuisinart another big contender in the electric tea kettle market. It has six temperature settings for brewing different teas like White, Green, Oolong, French Press and Black. It has a keep-warm mode that allows you to maintain the temperature for up to 30 minutes. It also has a removable scale filter to clean water. It has a safety feature that allows it to shut down if the kettle is left to run for long periods of time.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfectTemp 1.7 Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Avid tea drinkers love this kettle as it has all the features they want in a kettle. It is made of entirely stainless steel from the inside, making it free from any unwanted plastic. It looks great with an added touch of style, making it visually appealing in the kitchen. It may be on the higher end of the price range but if you love to brew your tea perfectly, this is one electric kettle you should consider.

3. New Kitchenaid Stainless Steel Digital Display Electric Variable Temperature Water Kettle  

The best part about the New Kitchenaid kettle is that it is constructed with stainless steel with a temperature tracker design. The complete stainless steel construction makes it safer as low quality kettles often have plastic insides. It comes with a huge 1.7-liter pot, making it one of the biggest kettles in the market.

New Kitchenaid Stainless Steel Digital Display Electric Variable Temperature Water Kettle

The most important feature of the kettle is its variable temperature control. The best tea comes with freshly boiled water which is why you can keep the water at optimum temperatures for up to 30 minutes. According to the customers who have bought this kettle, they have given it mostly positive reviews as they love the aesthetics, the stainless sleek look and the huge 1.7-liter capacity. Its LED functionality is also an added feature that makes it an important part of a tea lover’s kitchen.

4. Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The Bonavita is a tea lover’s best friend as it has been crafted to be the perfect tea kettle. It heats the water to the specified temperatures perfectly and its curved spout makes it safe and easy to pour the hot water out. Its special design gives the user more control over the flow of the water. It has six pre-set temperature settings, allowing you to heat the water within a few minutes. Its Gooseneck Spout is both elegant and easy to pour hot water with. The LED display features a water temperature readout, allowing the user to stop the heating process manually if they wish so.

 Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The Bonavita is loved by customers as it gets mostly positive reviews from nearly all internet vendors. With its aesthetically pleasing looks and great functionality, the Bonavita is an electric tea kettle born to be the perfect companion of all tea enthusiasts.

5. Zoiirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Steel

Made in Japan, this electric kettle is the reinvention of electric tea kettles that have graced the world of tea. It is one of the fastest heaters of water in terms of tea kettles and it gives off an audible beep once it reaches the desired temperature. It takes almost 4 minutes to boil at its 4-liter full capacity. It also has a 6 to 10-hour timer that can be used to start heating the water before bedtime and having the water set at the specified temperature when waking up. Just set the timer and it will give you hot water when you need it.

Zoiirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Steel

Its design is the most comfortable yet and its stainless steel construction makes it aesthetically pleasing. The water level gauge is both sleek and fun to look at as it changes as you pour in more water.

The Zojirushi has been designed for safety. According to users, there is no comparison to the Zojirushi as it is a king among the electric kettles. With its computerized temperature settings and control, humungous 4-liter capacity, ease of use and stainless steel build, if you have the funds, then the Zojirushi is THE electric tea kettle to buy.

New Technology Makes Brewing Tea Even Easier

With the advent of technology (and also because of the fast paced life nowadays) tea lovers are now able to use new technological appliances for making tea. One of the the most important appliances is the Electric Tea Kettle and Teapot. These electric appliances have made brewing tea more accessible and enjoyable for those new to tea, as well as seasoned tea aficionados. Loaded with features that allow you to brew the perfect cup of tea, a good quality, well-built Electric Teapot/Kettle is essential.

Electric teapots and kettles allow the user to heat the water, without having to place the teapot/kettles on a heated stove. All you have to do is plug in the kettle, set the specific temperature according to the loose leaf tea you wish to brew and with just the press of a button (or a touch on an LED screen) you can heat the water within moments.

Many electric kettles come with built-in temperature control program that allow them to heat the water to the required temperature. There are also a variety of kettles that even have a temperature control feature that allows them to stop the heating before the water reaches boiling point (which is key for brewing different varieties of green, white, oolong teas, and many others).

Electric teapots and kettles also give you the benefit of heating the water faster and consuming less energy in the process (lower energy bills!). They’re also able to remove hard water deposits, as they come with built-in water filters. Anyone with a busy lifestyle or living at a place where there is no stove available, electric kettles is the answer to their tea making woes.

Importance of Using Purified, Contamination Free Water with Te Kettles

One of the most important factors that play a critical part in the taste of the tea is the infusion process. Tea enthusiasts around the world place a great deal of importance on the quality of water, just as they do on the quality of the loose tea leaves. To ensure that the brew gives the spiritual and soothing effect that a tea lover appreciates, it’s vital that the water be pure, have low-mineral content, contamination-free, full of oxygen and be free from any additives.

Fine, quality tea requires that it be brewed in fine tasting water. As tea is 99% water, it makes it a critical part in the outcome of the quality of tea. The simplest way to tell whether the water is good or unsuitable is by simply tasting it. However, keep in mind other factors that contribute to the taste of the tea, such as temperature and the sufficient quantity of oxygen present in the water.

If using tap water, make sure that you filter it to remove any chemicals and harmful deposits that affect the taste of the tea and the health of the drinker. Be aware that when using chlorinated tap water, no matter how hard you try or which method you apply, chances are that the tea will not be as good as you want it to be.

It is recommended that the water should never be boiled for more than a certain time. If there is unused water present that had been previously boiled, it must not be re-boiled as it will drive off the oxygen even more, resulting in the tea losing its taste.

The best way to go is to have fresh cold water that comes from either filtered water or bottled. These are mostly free from contaminants and can give a good taste to the tea. If the only option is to use tap water then make sure that the water is not coming from the hot water tap as that water will be low on oxygen levels, making for a bad tea-water infusion.

Another type of water that makes for a bad tea is ‘hard’ water. It is named such due to its high mineral content. These minerals affect the clarity and taste of the tea by reducing the crisp flavor and giving off a brew that is chalky, dark and murky. The tea loses its ‘clear brew’ look and turns the leaves into a bleached mess.

Keep these important factors in mind when making your tea in the future as it can make a world of difference in the taste and aroma of the tea.

Why Use an Electric Tea Kettle

Electric tea kettles are becoming a norm in most households. Because of their ease of use and the quick water heating function, electric tea kettles are a favorite appliance among many tea lovers. Please don’t fall victim to the microwave heated water routine for brewing your tea! Some may not notice the difference, but for a tea enthusiast, every small detail matters.

Advantages of Electric Tea Kettles vs. Microwaves

Each type of tea needs to be brewed in water at a specific temperature. When it comes to microwaves, even though they heat the water, they are not able to heat it evenly. This results in isolated pockets of heated water molecules as a result of the microwave rays striking the water molecules. This also results in small pockets of water that are left cool.

When it comes to the electric kettle, the heat is supplied evenly throughout the water placed inside. The warm water rises while the cool water falls in a natural convection current. At this point, the kettle starts to whistle, indicating that the water has been boiled. However, there are many tea enthusiasts who would not want their water to reach boiling point and it is for this reason that modern electric tea kettles have been programmed to heat the water to a certain level, as required by the user.

Electric tea kettles can also be used for ceremonial purposes. Even though most tea ceremonies require that the water be heated and tea brewed over fire, nowadays things can be changed a little to add some modernity to the tea ceremonies. Electric tea kettles play an important role as they can heat the water much faster and at perfect temperatures.

When the water is perfectly heated, the tea leaves infuse with the water to release compounds that contribute to the dissolution of the aroma and flavor in the water. If the water does not heat up properly, as is the case when using a microwave, the tea tastes insipid.

Benefits of Using the Best Electric Tea Kettles


Electric tea kettles have been designed to heat the water much faster than conventional teapots and kettles. Within a few minutes, you can have water that has been perfectly heated to either boiling point or to the specified temperature as per your requirement. Electric kettles heat the water instantly as they don’t have to heat the stove for heating the kettle which in turn heats the water. With electric tea kettles, the water can be heated within minutes.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of energy is eaten up when a stove is heating. It requires more energy to heat the stove ,then the kettle, and then the water. Electric kettles are far more energy-efficient as they do not require any heating of the stove. The coils are built inside and they heat the water directly.


If there is a plug, there is a way. Electric tea kettles can be used at any place with electricity. They are a must-have appliance for students in dorm rooms, workers in offices and all others.

Automated Shut-Off Feature

While a regular tea kettle often whistles when the water reaches boiling point, an electric tea kettle gives the user the option of selecting the specific temperature at which they want the water to be heated.

Key Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Tea Kettle

Total Capacity

Electric Kettles can be bought with different capacities depending on your requirement. They range from 1 liter to 2 liters, but for most people the standard capacity for kettles is 1.5 liters. Depending on the number of people in the house/office/dorm room, a kettle can boil water to serve up to 3 or 4 people.

Time it Takes to Heat the Water

Users buy electric kettles for the quick heating effect. Electric kettles can heat water really fast with the good quality ones taking as little as 2 minutes. The less time it takes, the better it is.

Option to Keep-Warm

A handy feature in an electric kettle is the option to keep the water warm. This is perfect as it allows you to complete some other work (or enjoy multiple steepings) while the kettle heats and then keeps the water warm. Some models are equipped to maintain the water temperatures for about half an hour to as long as an hour.

Auto-Shut Off

This is an important safety feature as it shuts the kettle off in case the user forgets to manually switch it off. Leaving the kettle running for an extended period of time can result in a fire hazard.

Temperature Selection

This is one of the most important features that electric tea kettles boast nowadays as it allows you to heat the water to the desired temperatures. For example, if you wish to heat water for making green tea, you have the option for setting the temperature to 175o. This is the most appealing feature for any electric kettle to have.

Safety & Price

Make sure that the electric tea kettle you wish to purchase has all the safety features as per the regulations. Read the safety features and buy accordingly. Always buy from a respectable tea vendor who is known to provide quality products.


When it comes to brewing your favorite tea, half of the battle lies in finding the right brewing equipment. As all tea lovers are aware, the secret to having that delightfully perfect cup of tea is not just in knowing the right method of brewing but also having the right equipment. After reading this guide you have the knowledge to start brewing tea the way it should be done and not only that, you also now know the best electric tea kettles that can help you achieve the goal of brewing that perfectly soothing, enjoyable cup of tea.

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