Can You Put a Cast Iron Tea Kettle on the Stove?

Cast iron tea kettles are great for making the perfect cup of tea. People say that tetsubins make the most delicious teas. If you aren’t familiar with them, you’re probably asking yourself a few questions on how to use them. 

Can You Put a Cast Iron Tea Kettle on the Stove?

Cast iron tea kettles have been used for generations. Because of this, it has brought up the question as to whether or not kettles can actually be used on modern stoves or not. 

Cast iron tea kettles can be used on any type of stovetop. They can be used on gas, electric, or even glass top stoves. They can also be directly placed on a burning fire. Be sure to use an oven mitt or small towel to handle your tea kettle. Cast iron is a material that gets extremely hot.

Boiling water with black cast iron kettle on a grill

It’s critical not to mix up kettles with teapots. Cast iron teapots are not designed to be used on stovetops. They are used for brewing tea. Cast iron tea kettles are designed to boil water; therefore, you can use them on stovetops.

Is It OK to Boil Water in Cast Iron Tea Kettles?

Cast iron tea kettles are specifically made to boil water. Many people have stated that boiling water in a traditional cast iron tea kettle changes the way their tea tastes. 

The taste is said to be different because of the special oxidized coating. When water is heated, it changes the structure of the iron. This changes the taste of the water. The oxidized coating also protects your kettle from rusting.

There are also many benefits of boiling water in a tetsubin. Some of those benefits include:

  • Durability. Cast iron kettles are designed to last a long time. They are made out of a thick clay that won’t break easily. 
  • Versatility. You can boil water in them for teas, coffee, and soups. When you aren’t using them on the stove, you can set your kettle on a table, counter, or island as decoration. They add a very unique style to any room.
  • Heats up water quickly. Cast iron is a material that gets very hot very fast. You won’t have to wait so long for it to boil your water. Also, they keep your water hot much longer than a kettle made from different material. Just be sure not to keep water inside it for too long, as this can cause it to rust.
  • No toxic chemicals. Tetsubins are safe to drink from because they are non-toxic. They are made from natural material and do not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Healthiness. Cast iron tea kettles add iron to your water. This way, you get a little dose of iron with every cup of tea.

Do Cast Iron Tea Kettles Whistle on the Stove?

Not all cast iron tea kettles whistle. You have to purchase a specific whistling tea kettle that makes a sound on the stove. A whistle is very useful when boiling water in a cast iron tea kettle. This lets you know when your water is ready so you don’t risk water boiling over onto your stove. 

What Makes Tea Kettles Whistle on the Stove? 

If you have a cast iron tea kettle that whistles, the reason you hear this noise when your water has boiled is due to vortices or regions of swirling flow

A whistling tea kettle will have a small opening in the spout, much like a regular whistle. When the water boils at a certain frequency, steam pushes through the opening causing a loud noise. 

Water boils much quicker in a cast iron tea kettle that’s being heated on a stove. This is why you will find that a lot of them contain whistles. 

An iron cast kettle placed on a rack

Can I Use an Electric Cast Iron Tea Kettle on the Stove?

An electric cast iron tea kettle is basically a tea kettle that comes with an electric stove. You can simply take the kettle and place it on your household gas or electric stove. 

The idea of an electric tea kettle is that it shuts off once the water is ready. This is convenient for people who are busy or forget easily. It also keeps your kettle warm for you. Using your conventional stove for your electric cast iron tea kettle is a good idea only if your portable electric stove top won’t work anymore or you’ve misplaced it.


Using a cast iron tea kettle on the stove is a great way to heat up water for the various types of tea you might want to enjoy. Just remember to follow safety precautions when using your kettle on the stovetop!

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