How Do You Froth Milk for Tea?

Frothed milk is an essential ingredient to make delicious tea lattes. Frothing your milk will create a thick, foamy texture that adds so much enjoyment to a regular cup of tea. These days you can froth your milk right at home and make yourself the perfect tea latte.

How Do You Froth Milk for Tea?

When you steam milk and then mix it rapidly to inject air, doubling its volume, you have froth milk. This gives your tea a creamy, velvety taste topped with foam. There are different ways you can froth milk, though the most common one is to use a milk frother

To froth milk for tea with a milk frother, heat your milk in a saucepan, without letting it boil, while your tea steeps. Then transfer your milk to your milk frother and froth. Next, pour your tea into a mug and add your frothed milk over it. 

Barista frothing milk in a cafe

For detailed step by step instructions, follow the method below:

  1. While your tea is steeping, heat ½ cup of milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Watch it carefully and do not let the milk boil. 
  2. Swirl the milk around with a spoon to prevent a layer of milk from building up and to also prevent the bottom of the milk from burning.
  3. When you start to see steam coming from your milk, turn the heat off. If you have a cooking thermometer, you can turn it off when it reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Transfer your milk to the frother and froth. (The frothing method will depend on whichever milk frother you use.)
  5. Pour your steeped tea into a mug until it reaches ¾ of the capacity. 
  6. Pour your frothed milk over your tea until it reaches the top of the mug.

Because there are so many types of milk frothers, the frothing technique will depend on which kind of milk frother you own. The three main types of milk frothers are:

  • Manual 
  • Electric handheld
  • Automatic 

There are also milk frothing devices that allow you to both heat and froth milk at the same time. 

How to Froth Milk for Tea with a Frother

Pouring milk in a cup of tea

You can use milk frothers to froth milk for any tea you prefer to make. Even though milk frothers are most commonly known for mixing coffee beverages, you can use them for tea using the same method. The three major types of frothers are easy to use and are perfect for making tea lattes

Manual Milk Frother

A manual milk frother is usually long and cylinder-shaped. It will have a nozzle at the top for you to push and pull on. This nozzle connects to a small pole that goes straight down into the cylinder container. At the end of the pole, there are either two plates with openings in them to press the milk through or a spiraling wire that mixes the milk.

Electric Handheld Milk Frother

An electric handheld milk frother is a long wand that is thick on one end making it easy to grasp. On the other end, there is a long thin stick with a small spiraling wire attached at the tip of it. 

It is typically battery-powered or comes with a rechargeable plugin. There are also ones that come with power cords that you can plug into an outlet. Most of the electric handhelds have power buttons to turn them on. 

All you need to do is place the electric handheld milk frother into the pan of hot milk and turn on. Move the frother in a circular motion through the milk until you see microfoam.

A barista using a milk frother

Automatic Milk Frother

Automatic milk frothers are the simplest of the three. All you need to do is pour your heated milk into the vessel, close the lid and press the power button. Once it finishes frothing the milk, it will turn off. 

There are even some designs that heat and froth your milk at the same time. These automatic milk frothers can froth cold or hot milk. You can easily set the temperature for how hot you’d like your milk.

Does Frothed Milk Make Your Tea Sweeter?

Frothing gives the milk a sweet taste so once you add it to your latte, your tea will have a sweeter flavor. The milk itself is not what’s sweet. It’s the heating method that increases the perceived sweetness in the milk. 

When you heat up your milk, the heat breaks and caramelize the lactose. This is what adds a slighter sweet flavor to the milk and this is why your tea latte tastes so delicious!


Frothing milk for tea is simple and easy to do. There are several types of milk frothers available but they’re all easy to use and make it fun to create beautiful tea lattes with friends and family.

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