Fair Trade Tea – A Complete Guide

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Fair trade is a topic that comes up often in discussions about the business and culture of tea. Simply put when consumers buy fair trade tea, they are supporting a better quality of life for the workers in the fields. Tea companies that participate in fair trade practices are going above and beyond for the … Read more

Does Tea Break a Fast?

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If you’re trying to fast, you might be wondering whether you can drink tea, or whether this prevents you from fasting properly. It’s frustrating to find you have accidentally broken a fast, so let’s find out whether you can drink tea while fasting or not. Drinking plain tea does not break a fast, and many … Read more

Is Tea an Acid?

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Have you ever been curious about whether tea is an acid? Some people need to be cautious about consuming acidic foods and drinks, and that might leave you questioning tea. Most tea is considered mildly acidic, but not majorly acidic. With 7.0 being neutral on the pH scale, a lot of tea falls around the … Read more

Does Tea Get Moldy?

Have you ever taken a box of tea out of your cupboard and then hesitated because it’s been in there for quite a long time? We’re often cautious about the foods we eat, but what about the things we intend to drink? How safe is old tea? Tea can get moldy, but this generally only … Read more

What Kind of Tea Do They Drink In England 

The British have a long term love-affair with drinking tea. Many people across the United Kingdom drink tea on a daily basis, adhere to a specific teatime etiquette, and some even drink many cups each day. You might be asking yourself, exactly what kind of tea do they drink in England? There are over 1,500 … Read more