How to Prevent Tea from Getting Bitter

Since ancient China, people have been brewing teas from a myriad of herbs, using them for healing, health, and other benefits. Today, tea still holds prominence in many cultures, including in Great Britain where they have a designated teatime in the afternoon.  But what is the correct way to brew tea so it doesn’t become … Read more

Does Tea Expire?

When you forgot about the tea bags or stash of loose leaf tea in the back of the cabinet and realize its probably been back there for more than just a few months, you have a decision to make. Is the tea expired? If so, will you get sick if you brew it anyways? Tea … Read more

Is Green Tea Considered Herbal Tea?

Is green tea considered herbal tea

Within the world of tea, especially herbal tea, there are endless options to choose from. With seemingly unlimited plants and herbs in each category, this can become quite confusing.  In this article, we will discuss whether green tea is considered a herbal tea, and explore the differences between tea and herbal tea. Is Green Tea … Read more

What Is Cream Tea?

English tea with cream bread

In your search for the best snacks to pair with tea, you may encounter something called cream tea. Yet, what is cream tea? And, what makes it ideal for tea time? Let’s dig in and explain everything there is to know about cream tea — including its history, how to make it, and tea etiquette. … Read more

What Are Wellness Teas?

Wellness Teas are blends of organic teas and herbs designed to target different areas of health. But what are they, and what sets them apart from other herbal teas that you can find anywhere else? Wellness Teas contain unique botanicals to target gut health, wellness rejuvenation, as well as mood. They provide calming benefits, as … Read more