Can You Put a Cast Iron Tea Kettle on the Stove?

Cast iron tea kettles are great for making the perfect cup of tea. People say that tetsubins make the most delicious teas. If you aren’t familiar with them, you’re probably asking yourself a few questions on how to use them.  Can You Put a Cast Iron Tea Kettle on the Stove? Cast iron tea kettles … Read more

Best Teapot [2022 Review]

Brewing tea requires hot water, tea, and something to place all of this into in order to steep; to let hot water extract the flavor, aroma, and nutrients from the tea leaves. While any pot would do the trick, a teapot made just for the purpose of steeping will bring about the best results and … Read more

How to Use a Tea Infuser

When stripped down to its essence, the very act of making tea is extremely simple – combine hot water and tea leaves. However, getting that perfect cup after this apparently simple task may not be as easy as it sounds without the right equipment. In order to do that, it would help to learn how … Read more

Yixing Teapot User Guide

While brewing tea can be a simple process of placing tea leaves in hot water, having the correct tools can highly enhance the flavor of the end result. A Yixing teapot can help a good tea taste excellent. What is a Yixing Teapot? The Yixing Teapot is a traditional teapot used for brewing tea. Originating … Read more

How To Brew Tea Using a Traditional French Press

A filled french press

Tea has been a popular drink for centuries. And, as noted from the many articles here on TeaMinded, there are variety long-standing traditions surrounding the brewing and drinking of loose leaf tea. Various cultures have different customs and tools deemed most proper for preparing and drinking tea. And, while often overlooked (and not traditionally considered), … Read more