How to Use a Ceramic Teapot

There are many different types of teapots you can use to brew tea, but one of the most popular styles is the ceramic teapot. Ceramic has different properties from some other materials used to make teapots, so learning how to use a ceramic teapot is important for getting the most out of your tea. We … Read more

How to Clean the Inside of a Tea Kettle

Tea kettles on a stove with a strong fire

Whether you heat water for tea in a kettle on the stove, have an electric kettle that boils water for you on the counter, or even just boil water in a pot, it is very likely that you will experience a white residue on the inside. This chalky substance is called scale and can affect … Read more

Best Cast Iron Teapot [2022 Review]

Cast Iron Teapots have long been considered to brew the most flavorful tea. The natural iron properties bring out the best of flavors, while naturally adding minerals and iron to your heated beverage. In addition, cast iron is built to last while looking stylish and sophisticated.  Not all of these heavy duty teapots are built … Read more

Can We Make Tea in Coffee Maker Machines?

Have you ever thought about making tea in your coffee maker? This can be a convenient way for people to make a quick cup of tea, or sometimes a coffee maker is the only thing we have that can heat up some water. These circumstances can make you wonder if making tea in your coffee … Read more

Best Teapot to Keep Tea Hot [2022 Review]

Having a good teapot can make a superior brew and elevate the tea-making experience for tea lovers. The right teapots are capable of steeping the correct amount of tea. However, teapots come with different features and designs made using different materials. We have reviewed the best teapot to keep tea hot and to deliver great-tasting … Read more