A Complete Guide to Cast Iron Teapots

A blue cast iron kettle

It is said that it was during the 17th and 18th century that the first Cast Iron Teapots were made in Japan. However, there are accounts of the cast iron teapot being present during the Sen no Rikyu period, the historical figure most famous for influencing the Traditional Japanese “Way of Tea.” Known as Tetsubin … Read more

Teatime Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

Given that afternoon tea is a 180-year-old tradition, its rules of etiquette are rooted in history and polite society manners. Below is our guide for today’s afternoon tea host and guest, with 7 simple teatime etiquette suggestions for each, to ensure a smooth, gentile afternoon tea experience for all. 7 Tea Etiquette Tips for Hosts … Read more

4 Ways to Brew Tea for Your Tea Party

brew tea for tea party

From decorating the tea table to preparing the afternoon tea menu, there is plenty a host needs to do to get ready before guests arrive. Using one of four methods to brew and easily serve a larger quantity of tea will help simplify your to-do list, as well as allow you to concentrate on having … Read more

How to Use a Ceramic Teapot

There are many different types of teapots you can use to brew tea, but one of the most popular styles is the ceramic teapot. Ceramic has different properties from some other materials used to make teapots, so learning how to use a ceramic teapot is important for getting the most out of your tea. We … Read more

How to Clean the Inside of a Tea Kettle

Tea kettles on a stove with a strong fire

Whether you heat water for tea in a kettle on the stove, have an electric kettle that boils water for you on the counter, or even just boil water in a pot, it is very likely that you will experience a white residue on the inside. This chalky substance is called scale and can affect … Read more