Complete Guide to Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea leaves

Darjeeling tea is often quoted as the “queen of teas” and for good reason. It is grown on the high hills of the Himalayas and when prepared the tea takes a shimmery gold color with a delicate taste. Darjeeling tea is often marked as “black tea” but the actual color of the tea is far … Read more

What is Matcha Tea? A Complete Guide to All Things Matcha

Bowls of matcha ppwder on a wooden table

We’ve prepared the following guide to answer the question: What is Matcha tea?  This includes a look at the origins (and rich history) of the beverage, as well as detailed information about the different types and qualities, accessories, rituals and what to consider when buying matcha. We hope you find this guide useful, and please … Read more

Best Tea Subscriptions

Catalog of tea subscriptions

The tea community is growing, and with vast variety of teas now accessible more than ever, it has generated the need and desire to have them presented to us in different ways. This couldn’t be more apparent than with the rise in Tea subscriptions. A service curated to bring and introduce you to new and … Read more

Tea Merchant Review – Japanese Green Tea In

Japanese Green Tea logo

Here at TeaMinded we’re always on the search to find the best tea, and love to discover new tea resources and brands that are organic, environmentally friendly and have great tasting tea. Not too long ago we tried a ceremonial matcha that had a very distinctive, and incredibly satisfying, taste.  It quickly rose to our … Read more

A Guide to the Best Electric Teapots and Kettles

Introduction When it comes to brewing your favorite tea, half of the battle lies in finding the best electric tea kettle or teapot. As all tea lovers are aware, the secret to having that perfect cup of tea is to know the right method of brewing, and that requires the right equipment. A very important … Read more

Fair Trade Tea – A Complete Guide

Green landscapes

Fair trade is a topic that comes up often in discussions about the business and culture of tea. Simply put when consumers buy fair trade tea, they are supporting a better quality of life for the workers in the fields. Tea companies that participate in fair trade practices are going above and beyond for the … Read more

Joseph Wesley Keemun Congfu No. 5 – Review

Joseph Wesley Black Tea has been on my radar for awhile now, and I decided the No. 05 Keemun would be make for a great introduction. Turns out, I was right! The Joseph Wesley line of teas are all high quality, directly sourced from personally selected growers (which highlights the value and importance of trusted relationships … Read more