What Does Rooibos Taste Like?

Rooibos boasts a light, earthy tone and a natural sweetness that is instantly recognizable. But no two blends are the same — from green rooibos to the traditional red formula; there’s a whole world of rooibos waiting for you to discover. But let’s dive further into this tea to give you an all-over picture of … Read more

What Kind Of Tea Is Lipton?


Tea is a beverage produced from leaves of camellia sinensis. Additionally, other versions of “tea” are cultivated from other plants, fruits, herbs, flowers, or spices. For some people, tea is an ordinary drink, but for tea lovers and enthusiasts, it’s a ritual; it’s a culture, and it’s life. Lipton is the world’s biggest tea brand, … Read more

What Is Orange Pekoe Tea?

New and long-standing tea drinkers have all likely come across the name ‘Orange Pekoe’ at one point or the other. If you’re new to tea, your word association may have conjured many orange-tinged visuals. But if that’s off the mark, then what is Orange Pekoe Tea?  Orange Pekoe Tea, or Orange Pekoe, is part of … Read more

A Tea Exploration in Wuyi Mountain

It was 2019 and I was turning 40. My husband asked what I would like as a birthday present and I requested for a week off so I could finally make that tea trip to China that I’d been dreaming about for years. You see, while I had always loved tea since I was a … Read more

Review of Ochre Leaf

There are a lot of online tea shops, yet only a few produce the best loose leaf tea bags for quality steeping. In our search for organic tea leaves, we found one that’s a product of a five-decade legacy. Here’s our review of Ochre Leaf, including its tea collection. Review of Ochre Leaf Ochre Leaf … Read more

Review of Friendship Organics

Friendship Organics Sustainability

Organic tea is popular with some tea drinkers because of its health and environmental benefits. Friendship Organics is among the brands that offer clear-conscience tea products. With that, we’re giving a review of Friendship Organics, including how it produces a wide selection of teas while ensuring fair trade and sustainability. is among the brands that … Read more

10 Teas to Serve at a Traditional English Afternoon Tea

When planning a traditional afternoon tea, majestic visions of iconic London tearooms — at Claridge’s, Harrod’s, Fortnum & Mason and the Ritz — come to mind. Serving high quality teas that have been enjoyed in England for hundreds of years will help recreate the refinement of these renowned British tea services. The range of teas … Read more

Ippodo Tea Review

Ippodo matcha tea powder

In the world of tea manufacturing, there are very few companies that have been selling and producing tea as long as Ippodo Tea. They were founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1717 and have been known by royalty and commoners alike as providers of high-quality tea. Ippodo Tea Review Ippodo Tea is generally known for its … Read more

English Breakfast vs Earl Grey

Cup of hot tea

Two of the most popular tea blends in the world are English Breakfast and Earl Grey. While they are both black teas, they have different flavors, different levels of caffeine, and their tastes are benefitted by adding different things to them.  We will explain the main differences and benefits of these two wonderful beverages to … Read more

Material Matcha Uji MMU01 Review

Material Matcha Uji MMU01 review

Material Matcha is a brand that was started with the intent of bringing high-quality matcha green teas from Japan. They produce multiple blends and flavors of matcha tea ranging from sharp and intense (MMU01) to full-bodied and smooth (MMU03). This hands-on Material Matcha Uji MMU01 review will show you the benefits and drawbacks of their … Read more