Yerba Mate vs Matcha

Selective focus of cup filled with yerba mate

If you’re an avid tea drinker, it’s easy to identify the differences between real tea — and what is not. Yerba mate and matcha are often compared to each other and seen by some people to be similar. In this yerba mate vs matcha comparison, we’ll highlight the differences so you can be better informed. … Read more

How to Prevent Tea from Getting Bitter

Since ancient China, people have been brewing teas from a myriad of herbs, using them for healing, health, and other benefits. Today, tea still holds prominence in many cultures, including in Great Britain where they have a designated teatime in the afternoon.  But what is the correct way to brew tea so it doesn’t become … Read more

Does Tea Expire?

When you forgot about the tea bags or stash of loose leaf tea in the back of the cabinet and realize its probably been back there for more than just a few months, you have a decision to make. Is the tea expired? If so, will you get sick if you brew it anyways? Tea … Read more

What Is Orange Pekoe Tea?

New and long-standing tea drinkers have all likely come across the name ‘Orange Pekoe’ at one point or the other. If you’re new to tea, your word association may have conjured many orange-tinged visuals. But if that’s off the mark, then what is Orange Pekoe Tea?  Orange Pekoe Tea, or Orange Pekoe, is part of … Read more

What Is Hojicha?

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Green tea has been consumed for over a thousand years and is popular in many parts of the world. Hojicha is a kind of green tea that is roasted to produce a unique flavor and aroma. In this article, we’ll look at how hojicha is made and how it promotes health. What Is Hojicha? Hojicha … Read more