How to Make Jasmine Tea

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine tea is a wonderful drink made from tea leaves that have been infused with the scent of the jasmine flower. There are a few methods of how to make jasmine tea, sometimes depending on the type of leaf that the tea is made from. When you know what time, temperature, and the amount of … Read more

What is Royal Milk Tea?

Person pouring milk over a cup of tea

There are many different uses for the term “milk tea” that we have seen. Boba tea, Thai milk tea, Vietnamese milk tea… these are all varieties of tea mixed with a heavy milk content to smooth out the taste. The purest form of it however is royal milk tea. But what is royal milk tea, … Read more

What are the Ingredients in Thai Iced Tea?

Thai iced tea is a beverage made from tea, milk, and sugar. You can mix it with many different ingredients to get its distinct flavor. It’s often a creamy yellow color, though it varies depending on the recipe. Thai iced tea is more popular in Southeast Asia as well as in Thai restaurants around the … Read more

How Long Do You Brew Herbal Tea?

You don’t have to be too careful about steeping times when it comes to brewing herbal tea, or tisanes, which is another name they go by. Unlike “true teas” that shouldn’t be steeped longer than recommended, steeping herbal teas too long won’t ruin the taste.  How Long Do You Brew Herbal Tea? Herbal teas have … Read more

How Do You Froth Milk for Tea?

Frothed milk is an essential ingredient to make delicious tea lattes. Frothing your milk will create a thick, foamy texture that adds so much enjoyment to a regular cup of tea. These days you can froth your milk right at home and make yourself the perfect tea latte. How Do You Froth Milk for Tea? … Read more