Turmeric Root Tea Recipe

Turmeric tea recipe

Inspired by the creative and tasty recipes for making tea with dried turmeric root – I went on a search. Many of the recipes I came across called for turmeric powder, not the fresh (or dried) root. Others were for variations of chai teas (all good, but I was looking for something a bit different). A … Read more

How to Make Japanese Milk Tea

Man demonstrating how to make Japanese milk tea

Japanese milk tea, also known as royal milk tea or Hokkaido milk tea, adds milk as part of the brewing process of black tea. The end result is a rich, creamy drink with a touch of bitterness that can be served hot or cold, with sugar or without. In this article, we will teach you … Read more

How to Make Cold Brew Tea

How to Make Cold Brew Tea

Cold brew tea is a delicious, refreshing drink to enjoy on those hot summer days. Simple to make, cold brew tea is perfect for quenching your thirst! In this article, we’ll explain how to cold brew tea and why it tastes so good! What is Cold Brew Tea?  While similar, cold brew tea is not … Read more

How To Sweeten Tea

Tea is a beverage with less caffeine than coffee. It’s rich in antioxidants; it has anti-inflammatory effects and improves health. With all these health benefits, many more people are ditching processed drinks and replacing with tea. If you and your sweet tooth are moving to the tea camp, how do you sweeten your tea? Tea … Read more

How to Make Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes in a glass jar

How would you like your tea— with a lump of sugar or two? You might occasionally here this when ordering or preparing a cup of tea. The exciting thing is that creating sugar cubes is quite simple. To do so, here are steps on how to make your own sugar cubes. How to Make Sugar … Read more