Does Tea Count As Water?

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If you’re looking to drink tea as a way to improve your health, you might remember that drinking water is one of the healthiest things to do. The question that might follows is: Does tea count as water? Although tea is not technically considered water once the tea leaves have infused the liquid, it does … Read more

Does Tea Break a Fast?

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If you’re trying to fast, you might be wondering whether you can drink tea, or whether this prevents you from fasting properly. It’s frustrating to find you have accidentally broken a fast, so let’s find out whether you can drink tea while fasting or not. Drinking plain tea does not break a fast, and many … Read more

Is Green Tea Good for Acid Reflux?

Have you ever wondered whether drinking green tea could help to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux? Many people suffer from this painful condition, so you aren’t alone if you’re seeking a cure. Green tea generally isn’t great for acid reflux, although it isn’t the worst choice out there. It contains some caffeine, and caffeine … Read more

Is Tea an Acid?

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Have you ever been curious about whether tea is an acid? Some people need to be cautious about consuming acidic foods and drinks, and that might leave you questioning tea. Most tea is considered mildly acidic, but not majorly acidic. With 7.0 being neutral on the pH scale, a lot of tea falls around the … Read more

How to Make Mushroom Tea

Mushrooms have long been praised for their health benefits. Containing fiber and antioxidants, these fungi have been used in Eastern medicine since ancient times. Drinking mushroom tea has become quite popular, and making mushroom tea at home is an easy and healthy way to get the benefits of mushrooms into your body. What is Mushroom … Read more