Irish vs English Breakfast Tea

A cup of English breakfast tea beside a plate of cookies

The tradition of drinking tea is part of various European cultures, especially in England and Ireland. They have their own versions of breakfast tea, prompting the debate between Irish vs English breakfast tea. To know which one is perfect for you, we’re going to explore their origin, similarities, and differences. Irish vs English Breakfast Tea: … Read more

What Is Cream Tea?

English tea with cream bread

In your search for the best snacks to pair with tea, you may encounter something called cream tea. Yet, what is cream tea? And, what makes it ideal for tea time? Let’s dig in and explain everything there is to know about cream tea — including its history, how to make it, and tea etiquette. … Read more

What Kind Of Tea Is Good For Headaches?

A headache can drain your focus and energy, the pain overwhelming everything else in your day. Though tea may not be a cure your headache, it can help alleviate the pain when used with other remedies. Some of the teas best known for curing headaches include chamomile tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, lavender tea, turmeric … Read more

Earl Grey vs Lady Grey

A cup of earl grey tea

Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas are among the most popular tea variations, yet they come from the same tea family. With that said, we’re giving you a closer look at what separates Earl Grey vs Lady Grey, so you can determine the best time to drink them. Earl Grey vs Lady Grey: General Overview … Read more

Caffeine in Black Tea vs. Green Tea

Two jars of loose tea leaves and a cup of tea with sliced lemon on top

Black and green tea are among the most common types of tea. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or a newcomer, knowing the amount of caffeine in black tea vs. green tea can help you make better decisions when it comes to avoiding caffeinated drinks or not. Caffeine in Black Tea vs. Green Tea: General Overview … Read more

How Many Cups of Tea is Too Many?

Tea is one of the most beloved beverages worldwide, providing a range of healing benefits. The most popular tea varieties include green, black, and oolong, with the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis providing the source for two-thirds of all tea. When consumed in moderation, tea is a healthy choice for the majority of people. But, … Read more

Yerba Mate vs Matcha

Selective focus of cup filled with yerba mate

If you’re an avid tea drinker, it’s easy to identify the differences between real tea — and what is not. Yerba mate and matcha are often compared to each other and seen by some people to be similar. In this yerba mate vs matcha comparison, we’ll highlight the differences so you can be better informed. … Read more

What Tea Is Good for Inflammation?

Person holding a cup filled with tea good for inflammation

If you’re looking for something that can reduce acute or chronic inflammation caused by a poor lifestyle or aging, tea is a great option. However; with so many variations of tea available in the market is hard to know which tea is the best for inflammation. So, what tea is good for inflammation?  What Tea … Read more

Iced Tea vs Sweet Tea

Woman pouring tea on a drinking glass with ice cubes

Should you choose traditional iced or sweet tea when looking for a refreshing drink to cool your body and calm your thoughts? When deciding between iced tea vs sweet tea, you should weigh the similarities and differences. Iced Tea vs Sweet Tea: General Overview There’s historical variance in iced tea vs sweet tea, as these … Read more

Black Tea vs Green Tea

Cups of tea containing green and black tea

Black and green tea are among the most popular tea variations because of their taste and benefits. If you’re wondering about black tea vs green tea, it helps to learn their similarities and differences to decide which one would benefit you the most. Black Tea vs Green Tea: General Overview When going over tea variations, … Read more