How to Make Mushroom Tea

Mushrooms have long been praised for their health benefits. Containing fiber and antioxidants, these fungi have been used in Eastern medicine since ancient times. Drinking mushroom tea has become quite popular, and making mushroom tea at home is an easy and healthy way to get the benefits of mushrooms into your body. What is Mushroom … Read moreHow to Make Mushroom Tea

A Complete Guide to Cast Iron Teapots

A blue cast iron kettle

It is said that it was during the 17th and 18th century that the first Cast Iron Teapots were made in Japan. However, there are accounts of the cast iron teapot being present during the Sen no Rikyu period, the historical figure most famous for influencing the Traditional Japanese “Way of Tea.” Known as Tetsubin … Read moreA Complete Guide to Cast Iron Teapots

Loose Leaf Tea Essentials – A “Getting Started” Guide

bowl of loose tea leaves

In today’s fast paced environment and with ever evolving technologies and products, some may fear that traditions risk being cast aside in favor of the new and up-and coming. Fortunately, this is not the case in the world of tea — with more independent tea shops and vendors creating new and inventive ways to market … Read moreLoose Leaf Tea Essentials – A “Getting Started” Guide

How To Brew Tea Using a Traditional French Press

A filled french press

Tea has been a popular drink for centuries. And, as noted from the many articles here on TeaMinded, there are variety long-standing traditions surrounding the brewing and drinking of loose leaf tea. Various cultures have different customs and tools deemed most proper for preparing and drinking tea. And, while often overlooked (and not traditionally considered), … Read moreHow To Brew Tea Using a Traditional French Press