Favorite Tea-Related Shows & Books

TEA CONTENT TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT Here’s a list of tea-related shows and books that have brought me much comfort and joy over the years.  As a tea lover, it’s inevitable that any kind of tea-related content jumps out at me. Seeing tea scenes on screen often gets me quite excited, and I’ve somehow acquired … Read more

Welcome Angela Renals – TeaMinded Contributor

angela renals teaminded

We’re thrilled to welcome Angela as our newest TeaMinded Contributor. Angela is the founder of Destination Tea, the industry’s leading resource and directory for afternoon tea venues across the US. As a tea writer, speaker and educator, Angela brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her audiences, with a focus on such topics as … Read more

Best Oolong Tea Reviews in 2022

In the West, it is quite common to see black or green tea served in restaurants and available in grocery stores. Another type of tea is becoming more popular, though! Oolong tea, a delicious bridge between green tea and black tea, spans a wide range of flavors that are hard to find with other classic … Read more

Best Organic Tea Brands in 2022

There are many natural organic tea brands to choose from, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which natural tea brands to try. The best organic tea brands exhibit a combination of flavorful tea leaves and health benefits while upholding environmental and social responsibility. The Best Organic Tea Brands When it comes to the … Read more

Matcha Tea Review: Kama Matcha

BRAND: Matcha Source  |  TEA: “Kama Matcha”  |  GRADE: Ceremonial Grade  |  ORIGIN: Japan Preparation of Matcha Source “Kama Matcha” I prepared this matcha using 2 chashaku scoops (roughly a teaspoon) and 3 oz of purified water at just below 180 degrees Fahrenheit (note that Matcha Source recommends a 180 degree temperature for the best matcha … Read more

The 22 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

When searching for a gift to give to someone who loves tea, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Do they normally buy gadgets for themselves? Are they looking to try new flavors? Are they interested in the history of tea? To help you determine what to get your tea-loving friend or family member, here’s our list … Read more

Tea Review: Shan Lin XI High Mountain Concubine Oolong (By Eco-Cha)

Brand: Eco-ChaType: Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Concubine Oolong Origin: Zhu Shan, Nantou, Taiwan (1500m elevation, Summer2014)Preparation: 6 steeps, gongfu style (gaiwan). Rinse / 20 seconds / 30 seconds / 45 seconds / 55 seconds / 60 seconds / 90 secondsTemperature: 185 F I’m very pleased to now have Eco-Cha on my radar, and especially appreciative of their story and mission … Read more

Yixing Teapot User Guide

While brewing tea can be a simple process of placing tea leaves in hot water, having the correct tools can highly enhance the flavor of the end result. A Yixing teapot can help a good tea taste excellent. What is a Yixing Teapot? The Yixing Teapot is a traditional teapot used for brewing tea. Originating … Read more