Can I Drink Dandelion Tea Every Day?

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A cup of dandelion tea may make a significant difference in your health.

Drinking dandelion tea may help with everything from high blood sugar and high cholesterol to easing stomach pain and boosting your immune system. 

But if you’re thinking of changing up your health routine, you’re likely asking yourself, “Can I drink dandelion tea every day?” Here’s what you need to know about some of the best ways to prepare dandelion tea and whether it’s right for you.

Preparing Dandelion Tea: Making vs. Buying

One of the biggest pros of dandelion tea is that it is extremely easy to find, whether you plan to make it yourself or buy it in tea packets. 

Dandelion tea can be made using its flowers, roots, or leaves. The part of the dandelion you want to use will dictate the way you prepare it for tea, but usually, all you’ll need is a saucepan, water, time for the dandelion to steep, and a strainer. 

For flowers, you’ll likely use about 10 heads per cup and use just its distinctive yellow petals. You can use a tea ball strainer or not, but let the flowers steep for as little as 20-30 minutes to at least a few hours or even overnight. You’ll strain the mixture until you’re left with liquid and then adjust to your taste and desired strength.

For leaves, don’t forget to wash and dry them and chop six leaves per cup when they’re dry. You’ll do the same for the root, but will need less of it, about two teaspoons.

Can I Drink Dandelion Tea Every Day?

Generally, you can drink dandelion tea every day if you wish. However, if you plan to drink dandelion tea daily, it’s best to talk to your doctor first.

While the tea can help with common daily ailments, such as constipation and lack of appetite, it may not work well with certain medical conditions and may negatively interact with other medications you’re currently taking.

It’s always a good approach to talk with your primary care physician before starting a health or fitness regimen.

Dandelion Tea Side Effects

While there are likely many benefits to drinking dandelion tea, there are some side effects to note. Dandelions are well known as diuretics, so inducing frequent irritation may impact the kidneys.

They may also interact with any medicine that the liver breaks down, including antacids, blood-thinners, lithium, or diabetes medications. 

If you’re allergic to dandelion, do not ingest it. Those allergic to plants related to dandelions, including marigolds, daisies, and ragweed, should avoid dandelions as well.

How Often Should I Drink Dandelion Tea?

As with coffee and other types of tea, it’s likely fine for most people to drink dandelion tea every day — it’s caffeine-free — but there may be a few times of day to avoid drinking it. 

These may include right before bed since it has strong diuretic properties, and when you’re washing down other vitamins, supplements, or medications. You’ll want to avoid dangerous interactions and do not want the strong diuretic to impact your medication’s potency.

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